Bachelorette fera la tournée des femmes s’en melent (5 dates) au mois de mars 2010 :

24-mars-10 BACHELORETTE Cabaret Electrique le Havre  
25-mars-10 BACHELORETTE Point Ephemere Paris  
27-mars-10 BACHELORETTE Trinitaire Metz  
28-mars-10 BACHELORETTE Péniche Cancale Dijon

From out of a clear blue sky comes the sound of Bachelorette and My Electric Family.

Bachelorette’s music beams to us through a universe of unconquered pop music, where long beams of sunlight extend to infinity, and blue moons rise wistfully in the deep purple expanse.
She stands in the cradle of modern songwriting, that of psychedelic pop music. The sense of infinite possibility felt in those songs, the desire to manipulate a collective sensation to become anything at all, informs Bachelorette’s journey. The psych vibe shimmers in an acousto-synthetic haze, not really overt, so completely are those long-ago verses absorbed in her DNA. Her impulses are fed into a format that rhymes couplets over dancing beats, voices, keyboards, and a variety of guitars and percussions to create the melodic constructs we know so well, and delight in, and sing along with, and imagine to. Tasty candylike approximations, sweet and sour, billowing and knife-like, here for our pleasure.

My Electric Family may be your introduction to New Zealand’s Bachelorette — good for you! She makes great records — but this is the third Bachelorette record (the EP “The End of Things” and the Isolation Loops album) and also the most topically focused. Her song structures are traditionally examinations of love and longing, the exploration of self versus self and in relation to the surrounding, silent universe. The songs of My Electric Family emphasize a particular fascination: the meeting of man and machine. We built them in our image, they’re the more perfect us. Now we look to them looking at us. This is another kind of relationship.

This is what Bachelorette does to make her sci-folk sounds — she relates to machines, expressing her feelings in union with their electric/electronic function. This is imagination, soaring and expansive yet rigidly composed — the firmament as viewed from the ground, an arc in the ageless sky where the light glows for us all. Our universe starts with the dirt, the grass and the trees. As sure as electric impulses pinball through our brain, the true expanse exists to be tapped within.