Daniel Avery :
« I’ve recently been going through the music recorded during the album sessions which, in various forms, spanned the entire five years after Drone Logic. This re-release covers some of my favourite unreleased pieces collected together with music from the recent EPs. Alongside this, it features remixes by an entire set of incredibly special producers. Here’s the list: Actress, Anastasia Kristensen, Four Tet, Giant Swan, HAAi-, Inga Mauer, Jon Hopkins, Luke Slater, Manni Dee, Mor Elian, SHDW & Obscure Shape, Patrick Russell, Richard Fearless and Surgeon. The record feels like an insight into the bigger world of Song For Alpha and where my head has been for the last half a decade. This track is called Under The Tallest Arch and the video was directed by Tom Andrew. »