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DWARR is Duane Warr. Dwarr put out the suicidal, droned out, and brilliant debut STARTING OVER in 1984, followed by ANIMALS in 1986, HOLY ONE in 2000, and TIMES OF TERROR in 2003. Dwarr's masterpiece ANIMALS tells tales of rage, obsession and vengeance. Duane worked at a plastic factory in South Carolina. Criticism of STARTING OVER sent him into a paralyzing depression. He decided to appease the people by making a country record. Folks were entertained but it did nothing for Duane. He planned his revenge and decided to make a Dwarr record for himself and no one else. He gave everything he had to ANIMALS. He recorded on a Tascam 8-track in his trailer and played everything but the drums himself. There was no dubbing; all the tracks had to be played straight through. He could nail it and miss the last note and have to start all over again.

The making of ANIMALS was a supernatural, spiritual experience that came at a dark point in Duane Warr's life. Visions and hauntings took place during the making of the record. The lyrics are heavy and breathy and the guitar riffs are doom laden, brutal and heavy as hell. Dwarr created an impenetrably slow and heavy sludge of a record that
promises to bludgeon you into a dark yet willing oblivion. There is nothing else like ANIMALS.