Phantasy is proud to announce the release of Reworks Volume 1, a comprehensive collection of remixes from prodigious DJ and producer Erol Alkan, due for release on the 3 November, 2017.

Reworks Volume 1 is a musical overview of what makes Erol Alkan one of his generation's most iconic remixers. Framing a corner of his career in perspective – a success in taking on any source material and melding it into something of his own. Alkan’s philosophy towards a remix is to "re-produce" work as if the original never existed. Avoiding methods like the transplanting of a vocal on a contemporary dance beat, or adding a four-to-the-floor 808 kick drum underneath a rock band, Alkan instead takes a considered approach to build something new that offers a fresh and divergent take on the music in front of him.

This collection of reworks illustrates that his distinct style of remixing is just another layer in what makes Erol Alkan unique to dance music. Unpredictable, but equipped with a Midas touch—you never quite know what's coming, but can count on it to be special, a quality shared between both his Dj sets and production work, too. Erol Alkan is a dance music artist with an alternative sensibility, a psychedelic approach and a punk outlook—what makes him stand apart in dance music is what makes him one of the genre's most enduring and influential artists.

Reworks Volume 1 looks back on over a decade of realigning other artists, including his classic versions of Justice's ‘Waters Of Nazareth,’ Connan Mockasin's ‘Forever Dolphin Love’ and Death From Above 1979's ‘Romantic Rights,’ remixes that have added new perspective and dimensions to the originals, at times perform alchemy, turning rock into dance music on reworks for Franz Ferdinand, Interpol and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and he's just as comfortable taking on fellow dance music producers like Lindstrøm, Daft Punk and Hot Chip – a connection which lead to the classic rework of 'Boy From School'.

Erol Alkan has never played by dance music's rules, which might explain how he's lasted so long through changing trends and fickle tastes. Since the halcyon days of Trash, his influential decade-long night-club in London and later, as a resident at Bugged Out, Alkan has long been blending orthodox dance music with unorthodox tastes. Bringing alternative flair to Dj sets, informed by an adolescent diet of psychedelic and indie rock bands, Alkan mixes techno, house and rock music in a way that most other DJs cannot. All of that means these sets are as exciting for techno heads as those on the peripheries of dance music—in other words, Alkan bridges the gap between two musical worlds and shows there doesn't need to be a divide in the first place.

A recent thirteen-week residency at London’s XOYO, which featured performances and Dj sets from the likes of Peaches, Ride, 2manydjs, Gerd Janson, Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, Daniel Avery, Factory Floor and many more, further highlighted Alkan’s prodigious versatility within an ever-changing dance scene. With feet in both the Dj and production worlds, Alkan is currently working on a new album with his Phantasy Sound label mate Daniel Avery, and recently produced the acclaimed LP from legendary shoegaze outfit Ride, proving that Alkan is at home with throbbing techno as he is at glacial guitars.

Erol Alkan’s Reworks Volume 1 is due for release on 3rd November via Phantasy. Formats include a 20 track double CD, 5 x 2 track 12” vinyl containing a selection of highly sought after reworks which have long been out of print, and a five-piece collector’s box, containing all 5 12”s alongside an exclusive interview.

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