Joviale shares lead single ‘Taste of the Heavens’ (16th July)

Taken from Crisis EP out 6th Sept on Blue Flowers

Cred: Bernice Mulenga Press assets here

Joviale today reveals the lead single from her Bullion produced debut EP, ‘Crisis’, released in full on the 6th of September on Blue Flowers.

Whilst previous singles ‘Ride Away’ and ‘Dreamboat’ showcased Joviale’s dynamic use of tension, space, and instrumentation, ‘Taste of the Heavens’ explores a more conventional pop shape experimenting with the rhythm to transform an early demo version of the song into something more celebratory.

Drawing from Greek mythology and Narcissus, the song explores how fixated one can become by their own reflection; “It’s easy to get trapped in someone else’s projection of themselves based on what you’re looking for or think you want and deserve”, Joviale explains.

“That feeling of obsessional focus becomes what you become dependent on, like whatever substance one needs to function be it: a social/professional situation or your morning routine. It’s easy to become so overtaken by certain habits you don’t realise they exist...until you relieve yourself from them.”

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The excitement building around Joviale is not least reflected in a growing her growing number of notable fans. Both Kate Tempest and Jerkurb personally asked her as support for upcoming shows after seeing her perform low key gigs whilst FADER, Dazed, The Face and Radio 1 have all backed her work.

While writing and recording ‘Crisis’ EP, Joviale assembled a scrapbook collecting various fabrics and materials, and cutouts from fashion editorials, alongside religious imagery. As an artist she playfully destabilises the boundaries between different forms of artistic expression, opting for a cross-genre transnational assemblage of ideas. At home among “soundscapes and treasures from different cultures”, she explores how esoteric pursuits like meditation, botanics, and dance can inform her music. “It’s my method of weathering a crisis”.

Joviale’s musicianship comes instinctually, informed by tone and emotion. The purity and rawness of Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, and Nina Simone, and the sugar-coated pain of lovelorn 60’s girl groups like The Marvelettes, The Ronnettes, The Crystals and The Shangri-Las, are some of her formative emotional influences. To Joviale, these artists all sing of their own doom with a charming coyness and sincerity. Musical cinema also informs the way she tells stories in her lyrics, and the timbre of the percussion and brass in the African music that she listened to while growing up exerts a powerful tonal influence.

After a year of honing her sound on London’s live circuit, Joviale was introduced to experimental pop producer Bullion (Laura Groves, Westerman, Sampha). Their connection has seen the realisation of an intriguing and ambitious new vision in the current pop landscape. Crisis’ EP plays with its listener’s expectations. It’s both colourful and tense, it’s charming, coy, resplendent, rare and unrestrained – sometimes all at once.

Joviale releases ‘Taste of the Heavens’ today (16th July) with ‘Crisis’ EP to follow on the 6th of September.

Pre-order ‘Crisis’ EP here.