Acid Jazz are pleased to announce details of the definitive Leroy Hutson compilation – Anthology : 1972-1984 on 20th October. Erstwhile Impression, Leroy Hutson’s catalogue has become increasingly coveted over the years and this compilation collects his Curtom recordings together with two newly discovered tracks including Positive Forces which is available as an instant grat track when pre-ordering the album.

you can pre-order Anthology: 1972 - 1984 here

Native of Newark New Jersey, Leroy Hutson grew up In a part of the world that spawned many of Soul’s all-time groups, amongst them, The Parliaments and the Manhattens. Smitten by the music he was to join a local quartet, The Nu-Tones and despite never recording the youthful Hutson experienced the thrill of being a singer. On splitting up, Hutson found himself studying in Washington DC and once more in the company of supremely talented artists including Carla Thomas and future collaborator Don Hathaway. Various recordings came and went with little chart success before, along with Hathaway he became central to a group of singer, songwriters and players under the tutelage of Curtis Mayfield at his Curtom label a relationship that initiated Hathaway’s chart topping career when the pair co wrote the all-time classic and million seller The Ghetto.

Early 1971 saw Hutson replace Mayfield in the Impressions as he left to concentrate on his solo career, the transition was seamless and although relatively brief saw the band in the pop and R&B charts. His debut on the Billboard chart as a solo artist arrived with Love Oh Love, the first of a dozen Curtom singles he recorded during an exciting and turbulent decade for black American music.

The seven albums Hutson released on Curtom between 1973 and 1979 are a legacy that remain highly respected, almost revered amongst soul cognoscenti, an untold influence on an entire generation of musicians throughout the eighties. The demise of Curtom in the early eighties saw Hutson relocate to Elektra, where in 1982 he released Paradise – highly acclaimed and much loved for a time it looked like that release may spell the end but some twenty-seven years later, the newly monikered ‘Lee’ Huston unveiled Soothe You Groove You.

Leroy Hutson makes an-all-too rare live appearance this Christmas , appearing at London’s Jazz Café on December 27th – tickets, priced at £25.00 are available to purchase here

The full track listing is:

1. Cool Out
2. All Because Of You
3.Don’t It Make You Feel Good
4. Love The Feeling
5. Positive Forces
6. Lucky Fellow
7. Never Know What You Can Do (Give It A Try)
8. Love Oh Love
9. Ella Weez
10. Could This Be Love
11. So In Love You
12. I Think I’m Falling In Love
13. Closer To The Source
14. Give This Love A Try
15. Right Or Wrong
16. Now That I Found You
17. Get To This (You’ll Get To Me)
18. Lover’s Holiday
19. Time Brings On A Change