The release of Jazz On The Corner on March 23rd marks the start of the 30th anniversary celebrations for the cherished and much revered London independent label Acid Jazz Records.

Present since the label’s inception, co-founder Eddie Piller has spent much of that period championing new artists alongside discovering old classics, creating an enviable catalogue that has seen the label at the forefront of the UK soul, jazz scene. Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Sherlock, The Office) makes no secret of his musical love born of his eighties teenage years that saw him bonding with, and over the nascent Brand New Heavies and James Taylor Quartet amongst others heralding the Acid Jazz ‘scene’. An array of like-minded artists emerged, forging their own musical destiny on a wave of funk, soul, hip-hop and jazz in the mid to late eighties that was to be the catalyst for pretty much everything in the UK soul, jazz scene over the ensuing two decades.

Jazz On The Corner captures the essence of these two stalwarts of the soul and jazz scene in the UK. Having crossed paths via mutual acquaintances, passing time in DJ booths, and co-hosting the occasional radio show the pair discovered their almost obsessive love of jazz. As Martin says; “jazz has been a staple of my musical diet since my teens, so hearing and liking jazz wasn’t alien to me, though I guess it did taking some seeking out.”

Meanwhile, Piller muses that it was their love of jazz that originally brought the pair together; “We chatted over some random key change on Brand New Heavies track, Martin was a big fan and over time we continued to cross paths. Over the years I’ve picked up plenty of jazz styles as has he and this provides an insight into that world.”