‘Turntable Technology’ is the highly anticipated exceptional double artist album from beat technician Pablo on Soma Records, stepping away from the staple label sound to unleash a synthesis of anarchic beats, soundscapes and medleys.

‘Turntable Technology’ is a diverse and mesmerizing album that defies all genre boundaries.
Sounding like a reincarnation of The Avalanches crossed with De La Soul and The Cinematic Orchestra right through to Ennio Morricone and Jon Brion, Pablo fuses rare beats and breaks, hip-hop, soul and jazz together with soundtrack, classical, down-tempo to create an album unlike any you will have heard. Experimenting heavily with instrumentation, many of the parts are played by Pablo himself, including the Cuatro guitar, Puerto Rico’s national instrument.
Pablo is Michael Hunter, the Glaswegian musical talent that brought the dubbed-out goodness of Butches Brew to Soma’s sister label, Fenetik, under his Butch Cassidy Sound System alias.
He has produced under his Pablo guise on Good Looking Records, Fenetik Music and Red Hook Recordings and composed the theme and incidental music for the computer game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas & Grand Theft Auto IV; music that has been heard by millions of gamers, all over the world.