Les rééditions de Teenage Snuff Film et Pop Crimes de Rowland S. Howard sortiront via Mute/[PIAS] le 27 mars 2020. Ces rééditions feront suite aux cocncerts-hommage européens ‘Pop Crimes : A tribute to Rowland S. Howard’ avec Mick Harvey, Lydia Lunch, Bobby Gillespie, JP Shilo et Jonnine Standish (2 dates en France).

Rowland S. Howard a joué un rôle vital sur la scène post-punk australienne. Il a créé son propre langage sonique intense, d’abord avec les Young Charlatans et ensuite dans The Boys Next Door et The Birthday Party en compagnie de Nick Cave et Mick Harvey, et enfin avec These Immortal Souls et Crime & the City Solution.

Teenage Snuff Fim, produit par Lindsay Gravina, a été eregistré aux studios Birdland et Sing Sing à Melbourne avec Mick Harvey (batterie, guitare et orgue) et Brian Hooper (basse).
Rowland S. Howard s’est éteint le 30 décembre 2009 d’un cancer du foie, quelques mois après la sortie de Pop Crimes, album enregistré avec Mick harvey et JP Shilo, avec la participation de Brian Hooper. Il inclut également le titre ‘(I Know) A Girl Called Jonny’, fruit de sa collaboration avec Jonnine Standish et Sean Stewart.

Quelques hommages d’illustres collaborateurs et admirateurs:

“Rowland Howard's guitar sound defined a generation. He was the best of us all. His influence continues to reverberate, down the years, to this day. Truly one of the greats." - Nick Cave

“When I first heard the Birthday Party, besides the great songs and singer, I was drawn to the sound of Rowland S. Howard. It seemed that everything he did was something I had never heard before. Not only was his sound unique but what he was playing was completely from somewhere else. And then there was his voice, this deep well of emotion you knew was real. An absolutely brilliant musician and songwriter with no bad records across all the different bands he was in. A friendly and funny guy as well. I'm so glad these records are back out again.” - Henry Rollins

“Majestic...magical...beautifully alien...every note that resonates from the soul of Rowland S. Howard” Lydia Lunch

"Rowland S. Howard conjured these dark musical worlds that weren’t always easy to live in, but every word and note of them rang true—and they always made you feel something. Teenage Snuff Film is full of tension and despair and strange, haunting guitar. It’s a classic, like nothing else.”
Britt Daniel of Spoon

“Forget the Prince of Darkness, Rowland S. Howard is the true sultan of heartbreak, loss and regret.” Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!