In 1985, singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega released her stunning self-titled debut album. 25 years and 7 million albums sold later, Suzanne is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant songwriters of her generation. Now Suzanne is reinterpreting a majority of her catalog in a close and personal manner, creating 4 new thematic albums that will
be released over 2010-2011.

States of Being has Suzanne revisiting her most haunting songs. Suzanne used to call these the “Mental Health” songs. They express a state of mind, but also more than that; Suzanne says, “they are descriptions of a place deep inside. Anyone can feel like the narrator in Penitent, or Cracking, depending on your mood.”

Vol. 3 also includes a brand new song, a collaboration with Duncan Sheik from Suzanne’s upcoming play, “Carson McCullers Talks About Love.”

•New acoustic recordings, featuring Brooklyn Rider
•Includes new never released track co-written by
Duncan Sheik