Total Babes photo by TJ Duke

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Total Babes was formed in 2010 in Medina, Ohio, by Jayson Gerycz of Cloud Nothings and his friend Christopher Brown as an outlet for pop songs that could not be played in their noise-rock band Swindlella. Swimming Through Sunlight, their debut album, was released in 2011 by Old Flame Records. Today they are announcing their sophomore album, Heydays, which is set for release on the 18th May through Wichita Recordings worldwide. The album features lush synthesizers from Emeralds/Outer Space member and Spectrum Spools head John Elliott, bass from Nathan Ward of Smooth Brain and Cruelster and saxophone from Cloud Nothings' Dylan Baldi on "Circling." Following the release of Heydays, 2015 will see Total Babes touring North America and beyond with dates to be announced later. Check out first track "Circling" above and see below for all other Heydays info.

Total Babes
(Wichita Recordings)
May 18th, 2015

1. Blurred Time
2. Heydays
3. Bone Dry Eyes
4. Circling
5. We'll Come Around
6. Sunny Side
7. Repeat Gold
8. Can I Turn You On