Few bands of the late 60s and 70s inspired such a devoted following as Van Der Graaf
Generator. Fans found theirs some of the most rewarding and challenging music of the
era. "The times were intense, and we were an intense, even scary band," admitted
founder member Peter Hammill (whose work was a major influence on many
musicians, including David Bowie and John Lydon).

Splits and reunions, an ongoing Hammill solo career, CD reissues, a box set, sporadic
one-off get togethers and on and off reunions eventually culminated in this studio
rendezvous for three charter members of the band in December, 2010.
On the evening in question, 120 lucky Van Der Graaf Generator fans braved a blizzard
to travel to Metropolis Studios, West London, to take in a rare UK appearance
by Hammill, Hugh Banton and Guy Evans in an intimate atmosphere that was captured
in a manner unlikely ever to be achieved again. The DVD also includes revealing
interviews with all three band members in which they describe this "unrepeatable,
fantastic event" which showcases work from their recent A Grounding In Numbers
album as well as their illustrious past.
Fractured time signatures... Hammill's fervent, occasionally terrifying, vocals... the
complexity of the band's music... the inscrutability of their lyrics... it all adds up to a
unique and inimitable performance.